Cater your next event with a selection of kati rolls, organic salads and drinks. TKRC Catering offers the following options.


CateringBagTHE BAG
Recommended for orders up to 20 kati rolls.

No need for advance planning. Just call the location of your choice at least 1 hour before your desired Pick-up or Delivery time.



CateringBoxTHE BOX
Recommended for orders over 20 rolls.

For orders of 20-39 kati rolls: Same as the bag. Call a location nearest you. Please allow extra time for larger orders.

For orders of 40 to 500 kati rolls: We offer a range of options to complement our rolls.

*Please contact our Catering and Special Events manager Scott Weissman:

ROLLS: The Kati Roll Company will pack your delicious kati rolls in our table-ready display box. We suggest a minimum of two kati rolls per guest.

SALADS: We offer a great 12-ingredient Organic Salad. When accompanied by kati rolls, each of our salads will serve 2-3 guests. Multiple salads (8 or more) will be served in our table-ready serving boxes. We offer a choice of three Signature Organic Salad Dressings – Mint Yogurt, Cilantro Lime and Tamarind Cumin.

BEVERAGES: Our Lassi is prepared fresh everyday. The Mango Lassi is prepared with organic yogurt and Alphonso mango pulp, while our Mixed Berry Lassi is made with organic yogurt and organic blueberries and raspberries. In addition we can also provide Masala Chai. We make ours with fresh ginger and a hint of cardamom.

DESSERTS: Finish the meal with our special mini cupcakes. Flavors include: Gajar Halwa (carrot pudding with cardamom) and Kesar Pista (pistachio and saffron).

DETAILS: Note that orders over 100 rolls need confirmation 72 hours in advance. Orders between 40-100 rolls can usually be handled within 24-48 hours. Delivery fees will be applied to all orders.

DISCOUNTS: The Kati Roll Company offers a bulk-order discount. Orders $500 and above will receive a 5% discount, and orders $1000 and above will receive a 10% discount.


CateringBoothTHE BOOTH

The Kati Roll Company can bring a "Live Rolling Station" to your venue. Much to the delight of your guests, we will create a truly memorable event as our highly trained staff prepare delicious kati rolls to order right before your eyes.

Pricing for live events begins at $1200 for the first 60 quests. This includes:
• 2.5 hours of service
• a choice of four of your favorite kati rolls (two rolls per guest)
• Additional guests at $15 per
• Additional travel fees may apply for some venues

For additional information and details, please contact our Catering and Special Events manager Scott Weissman: